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Today I decided it would be a good idea to create a long copy ad.  You don’t see them around nearly as much as you used to.  When done properly they can come out really cool.  I don’t want to tap myself on my own shoulder, but I have to.  This one is pretty funny and I think it would work well if Uline ever decides to do a urinal cake campaign.  Hopefully this showcases my writing style, if not read my original Uline post.  If I am going to write something and expect others to read it, it will be entertaining.  Enjoy.


This is my portfolio

Last week I decided to make a “themed” portfolio, so I dusted off my InDesign skills and created this:  Haake Portfolio

(Note, this is the CMYK version, some of the black space may look weird, but when it’s printed it looks fine).


Funny Advertising For A Product Men Use All The Time (Updated September 24)

Recently I was trying to think of ways to build my creative portfolio.  Ya, I could make some ads for the same products/brands that every student has worked on over the past few years, but doing the same thing over-and-over again really bores me.  I also wanted to focus on products that don’t really need advertising.  I won’t say exactly how I thought “urinal cakes could be funny,” but it’s now the theme of this post.

This idea glorifies the urinal cake.  A man and a urinal cake share a bond much like a car and one of those Little Tree Car Freshners. The air freshener masks the pungent smell of month-old french fries and cigarettes.  The urinal cake obscures the odor of digested celery and beer from not only the “user” of the product, but also for the guy who has to maintain the area after last call.  In short, both of these relationships help prevent noses from catching a whiff of whatever the hell someone consumed.

Having no prior knowledge of urinal cake producers, a quick Internet search told me that Uline is the biggest manufacturer of urinal cakes in this great country.  So, there is our client…Uline.

The urinal cake is one of the greatest innovations to public restroom technology since the invention of the urinal.  It’s also something rarely talked about.  If you are a male and reading this, have you ever been relieving yourself somewhere and had to implement what I call the “mouth breathe only when critical technique?”  If so, you understand the beauty of the urinal cake.  Now something that should not be lost in all this urinal talk is the combination of the cake and the rubber splash thing it sits on (I don’t know what to call it, maybe it’s a mat).  When combined properly, these two products can create a public bathroom environment fit for a king.  One product masks the smell, the other prevents splash.

So without further explanation, here are 3 print ads for Uline:


Promotions? Sure thing:

Bathroom Community Service: 

This will be a social media campaign.  Men can log on to uline.com and fill out a form to receive a free Uline urinal cake.  After receiving the cake, the individual has the option to take this campaign a step further.  We’re talking a guerilla advertising campaign promoting public restroom community service.  This promotion gets guys to place their free urinal cake in a bathroom that really needs it.  People love getting free stuff.  Uline will offer users a free shirt or bumper sticker if they upload a picture of them doing their good deed (helping a urinal in need) and tagging us on Facebook or Twitter.

Draining Area Makeover:

This promotion is geared to start buzz from local bar/pub owners and frequenters.  We’ve all been somewhere that seems nice in the common area, but significantly lacks in the draining area.  The idea behind this one is to “makeover” the public bathroom. Installing the newest bathroom technology in an old decrepit restroom helps support family owned businesses and gets the Uline brand attention.  The whole bathroom transformation will be recorded and edited to be like a home makeover parody.  This promotion will gain momentum through its own web series.

Talking Urinals

The idea behind this promotion focuses on placing urinals with pre-recorded messages in popular bars and restaurants.  On one side of the urinal wall there is a Uline urinal that compliments men using it.  On the other side is a urinal that tells guys that they would be enjoying themselves a lot more by using the urinal equipped with Uline.

***This is the first truly “weird” product I have ever worked on.  I wanted to show YOU that I like to think originally and creatively.***

-Michael Haake

A Blast From The Past

I did some work on Fossil watches last Fall. I never uploaded it because I wasn’t proud of the execution. However, earlier today I was thinking “hmmm that was a pretty cool idea,” and sometimes in the creative industry it’s all about the idea.

So, let me explain this thing as quickly as I can. The main “idea” behind my work focused on the growing trend of Americans (especially young ones) using their cell phones as clocks. I think we all do it. Hell, I have a watch that I rarely wear because it feels like a beating wearing it all day. Today, watches aren’t necessities and it HAS affected the low-end watch industry (fill in low-end with brands like Fossil, Swatch and Timex. Exclude anything over $1,000 because the people that buy those tend to be either A). Genuine (and wealthy) watch aficionados. or B). The overly attractive guy from sales who’s trying to impress you with the 3-series that he leased and the watch the size of a hockey puck on his wrist).

I called this idea the “Time belongs on your wrist, not in your pocket” campaign. I’m a closet history buff. It fascinates me. Wrist watches became popular in America around 1920. Before that, most people carried a pocket watch. I obviously know that there is a substantial difference between an I-Phone and a pocket watch, but if technology is always advancing, why are we regressing the way that we tell the time? It’s something that bugs me. What I produced pokes fun at the people (myself included) who rely on their phones to tell whether or not it’s time to wake up or time to eat dinner.

With all that said, here’s the work that I did. Remember, it’s all in the idea.


***For those of you that were given a link to my website,

I am currently working on expanding my portfolio.  I was at a restaurant with a college buddy of mine and we decided to approach it together.  I will be uploading this first installment of the series sometime over the next week.  I already have multiple ads done (print and radio).  Who are the clients?  Well, just come back to this page next week to find out (or just call me and I’ll ruin the surprise).  Also, please download a copy of the Nissan plansbook, I put my heart and soul into that thing for 2 months.  It’s the best work I have ever done.

Lastly, a great ad man named Jim Albright (long time guy at Tracy Locke and professor at UNT) recently passed away.  He was the best professor I ever had.  He truly inspired me.  I actually created the Tito’s Vodka campaign for his class.  I’ll never forget him pulling me aside after my final presentation and telling me how impressed he was with my radio spot.  I still have his review of my work.  He gave me a 12 out of 10 on the radio portion.  Just thinking about that day and great man puts a smile on my face.

Until next time,


Hire Me

I graduated from UNT with honors 2 weeks ago. I am in the process of finding and starting a career. If you have stumbled upon my site and are looking for someone who is passionate about advertising, journalism, marketing and branding… I’m you’re man. Click the link below to see my resume.

Haake Resume

Fall 2011 UNT Nissan Campaign Winner

In the fall of 2011 I worked as the account executive for my Advertising Campaign group. We won the competition. We were given the AAF 2011-2012 Nissan Case Study. Our goal was to create an advertising and marketing plan targeting 18-25-year old minorities. This campaign took about 300-hours outside of the classroom to create.

Here is the commercial we shot for our “Together We Are Moving” campaign.

Here is a PDF of our Plansbook. Note this PDF is of significantly lower quality due to the eminence size of the file.
Plansbook smaller

Tito’s Vodka Campaign

During the spring 2011 semester of my junior year at UNT I worked on a campaign for Tito’s Vodka.
Below are the final versions of the creative I made for this campaign. This campaign was the main project I did in my Copywritting 4050 class.

I focused on targeting adults age 25-54. The creative strategy for this campaign is fairly simple (just like Tito’s Vodka). Texas emphasis=creative strategy. The reason this strategy was chosen over others is because of the immense pride Texans have in being from Texas.

This is a billboard

Example of an internet ad

Louisiana Hot Sauce

Hi all,

I just finished shooting and editing this 30-second television spot for Louisiana Hot Sauce.

This is the video that I produced for my Broadcast Advertising 4055 class at UNT.

Hi all

Well, I’m back. After a frustrating past month due to the spammers and hackers around WordPress, the fine people at GoDaddy helped me get my site back up and running.

It’s kind of odd though… what possible benefit can be achieved from putting my site offline? After all, it is merely an online portfolio for a college student.

Anyways, here is what I am currently working on.

3 Print ads, 2 Internet ads, Billboard ad, Radio ad and a TV spot for Tito’s Vodka.

Full 30-second Television ad for Louisiana Hot Sauce, with script.

I should have all of this uploaded within the next week and a half.


Here is one print ad for Titos Vodka:


Below is a link to download a PDF version of the advertising and media campaign my group and I did for JCPenney.  We worked on this project throughout the entire Fall 2010 semester at UNT.

The video presentation can be viewed below.

JCPenney (This is the link).